The Electrify Everything

Electrification is like most things - simple in concept, but complex in execution.

If you do your homework it's very likely to be smooth and work beautifully - providing an important example for others looking to electrify. If you skip your homework the results may be disappointing and hurt the movement.

We've electrified many homes in Cleveland Ohio with our practice, and now through the HVAC 2.0 contractor network. We can help you avoid most of the pitfalls.

This course is meant to be soup to nuts for single family home concepts. You'll understand what size electric panel you need, which appliances to buy, how HVAC sizing works, the different types of heat pumps, and how to help scale the electrification movement.

At the end we will show you how to find a contractor. Or you can hire me to consult to help create a custom plan.

The course is free, however there are opportunities to support us both paid and unpaid if you desire.

What are you waiting for? Put in your email and let's get to learning!

-Nate "The House Whisperer" Adams

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